Sunday, October 23, 2005

Zombie Lurch: aftershocks

Thank you a thousand times, Madison, for a hilarious and beautiful event.

The number of participating zombies varies according to source-- I guessed 100, my friend Doug estimated 140, and the Isthmus reports approximately 200. I would have considered 20 zombies a success, so thanks to everyone for helping to exceed my expectations.

The range of makeup, costumes, vocal groaning enthusiasm, and clever protest signs was awe-inspiring. There was no way I could stay in character in the face of People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies, Show Me Your Brains (complete with Mardi Gras beads), Brains 3:16, and Support Proposition I-8U. There were many more brilliant slogans; look through the photo galleries for coverage.

Madison Metro and the MPD had expressed concern over our march; I'm happy to say that I didn't see one instance of a bus under zombie attack. The police did have to remove one or two zombies from the street when crossing against a traffic light, but it seemed respectfully done and none of us were arrested. It was a good group of zombies with which to protest.

One of the best moments had to be stumbling into the evangelicals with their signs and hymns. My main sick thrill, though, was seeing photographers perched on the stone dais in Library Mall and marching inexorably toward it for a takeover. Jacquelyn captured my enthusiasm here.

Certain weaknesses were made clear in practice; the next zombie walk will benefit from these lessons. More games. More speeches. More lurching. More noise. More fake blood.

Links (to be updated as more come in):

Isthmus Daily Page coverage with three photo galleries. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Kristian!
Dane101's coverage and photos, with exhaustive zombie knowledge, video, photos and links in a follow-up article.
Will's pictures and videos. He worked tirelessly to stay ahead of the chomp and find all manner of strategic positions from which to shoot.
My pictures.
Jacquelyn's photos.
Jane's gallery.
Dante's photos.
Teeka's photos.
John's photos.
Nic's photos. She was the second zombie I thought might get us killed (the first was the miner, whom the police removed from oncoming traffic). Dressed as a Badger fan, and yelling for Bucky as often as for brains, she rattled the giant screen upon which football fans watched the homecoming game. At that point I thought we might see an uprising. Peace ruled-- probably due to confusion. Man, Madison is so unprepared for zombie attack!
Angie's photos.
Jason's photos.
We've been Slashdotted, fulfilling a dream I've nurtured deep in my heart for years. Thanks to Dan for alerting me!
Did anyone catch Channel 27 or 15's coverage? Anyone have a recording? We were also covered before the event by the Wisconsin State Journal, the Capitol Times, the Isthmus, 105.5 WMMM, and 89.9 WORT. Check today's State Journal for more coverage. Let me know if I've missed a press account.

Favorite pictures at the moment:
Zombies gather in front of the state capitol. The Lurch begins!
One of two or three counter-protests. Another one. Sam's counter protest. (Anyone have better pictures of this sign?)
We even had spontaneous demonstrations of approval! This woman met us on the corner of State and Johnson, supported our cause, and disappeared.
We had a lot of kids marching, from babies to elementary school age!
A good shot of approaching zombies. Another good one.
I like my enthusiasm here.
For Matt Fraction: Zombys luv Pancake.
Zombies begin to invade the evangelicals' demonstration. Funny signs.
Storming Library Mall and climbing the dais.

Will there be a Zombie Lurch 2006? Possibly. But instead of coinciding with Halloween, imagine how much fun it would be to do this around Easter...


Anonymous said...

Damn.. that looked like fun! Too bad I heard about it too late to participate.

Here in Cedar Rapids, we are having Shaun of the Dead for the midnight movie along with a costume contest next weekend (28th 29th).

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I had a great time on our "Ghouls Day Out." Can't wait for the next one - we'll lurch slower, and grunt & groan more. Thanks for organizing this!

Comet Star Moon said...

You were also covered before the event by Dane101:

And after the event:

As for Channel 15, they made a mention in the 6 p.m. news and it looked like the messed up footage or decided to not run with it at the last minute.

Thanks for putting this on.

raster said...

My first video is up...

Zombie Lurch Part 1

Grey said...

i made a six minute video of this event, wondering if anyone would be interested in hosting it? (covers the entire event, heavily edited and captures the awesome scale of this event)

Anonymous said...

Crap I missed it.

Just found out about this from the Zombie Squad forums.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss Madison!

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